Friday 27 October 2017

Shrike photos wanted!

Do you have any top quality photos of shrikes? Norbert Lefranc and I are preparing a new edition of 'Shrikes' for Helm/Bloomsbury Publishing and this time we will be including photos.

We are looking for high resolution images of all species/subspecies of Lanius, Corvinella, Urolestes and Eurocephalus. Ideally we want to show males, females, juveniles and immatures (if ageable). RAW or TIF formats are preferred but high res JPEGs may be acceptable.

We are particularly interested to see photos of less well-known species, e.g. Tibetan (Giant) Grey Shrike (Lanius giganteus), Mountain Shrike (L.validirostris) , Emin's Shrike (L.gubernator) and São Tomé Fiscal Shrike (L.newtoni). Even less than perfect shots of these may be just what we need.

All published photos will be credited. Our budget is not large and we cannot pay for images, instead all photographers whose photos we use will receive a copy of the book.

If you'd like to help please drop me a line at