I think of these as sketches really, just with colour. Some of these, the more familiar Devon birds, were mostly done in the last few years whereas the rather more exotic species from from China, Central Asia and Ecuador date back 13 years or more. I tend to do this kind of painting in bursts, I get enthusiastic for a while and turn out plenty of pieces, then I get back into a steady rhythm of more detailed illustration work and the sketching gets forgotten. I really should do more.

So, first a few locals. Click on image for a larger version.

 Many of these are for sale, unframed, unmounted, postage included; contact me - timworfolk at gmail dot com.

Grey Heron - Topsham 23x33 £150

Little Egret - Topsham Not for sale

I've already posted a few of these on the blog, some have been hiding away in a folder in a drawer. I'm sure I've got more lying around.

Jackdaw - Topsham Sold

These Peregrines had spent so long on the red sandstone cliffs they'd taken on a pinkish colour a bit like Barbary Falcon.

Peregrine - Exmouth Not for sale

Peregrine - Exmouth Sold

Ringed Plover - Glamorgan Not for sale

Sandwich Terns - Marazion 20x10cm £40

This group of Swallows is probably the nearest thing here to a thought-out painting, I'm still not sure if it works.

Swallows - Topsham Sold

Not really local of course, but I did see this (in fact several) from The Plymouth - Santander Ferry a few years ago. Back then it was just 'Little Shearwater' and in those days you could sit out at the front of the ship, not too high up and the boat crossed the continental shelf edge in daylight; all changed now, I hear.

Barolo (Little) Shearwater - Biscay Not for sale

In 1997 I began working with Paul Leader and Geoff Carey on a Field Guide to the Birds of China. After a few years and some wonderful research trips to various corners of the Peoples Republic, the project got derailed - as far as I know it is now officially cancelled. I produced a few plates which never saw the light of day, I'll post some on a separate page. I also got to travel to some quite incredible places and to see some cracking birds.

Biddulph's Ground Jay - Xinjiang Not for sale

Another rather less interesting name for this is Xinjiang Ground Jay and it was once also known as Biddulph's Ground Chough, which seems even more apt. It's an victim of the regrettable movement to 'tidy-up' and sanitise (decolonialise?) English bird names; for that matter, Xinjiang certainly isn't the locals' name for the area. Personally I find these older names a lot more memorable than the dull replacements.

And here's another example; the alternative is the quite forgettable 'Grey-hooded Parrotbill'.

Zappey's Parrotbill - Sichuan 8x10cm £30

Zappey's Parrotbill - Sichuan 11x11cm £30

Crested Finchbill - Yunnan 6x8cm £20

Great Parrotbill - Yunnan 11x11cm £30

Grey-sided Bush Warbler - Yunnan 8x8cm £30

Himalayan Griffon - Xinjiang 23x13cm £80

Przewalski's Finch - Qinghai 16x12cm £30

Also known as Przewalski's Rosefinch as well as Pink-tailed Bunting by those who can't spell Przewalski. Not a rosefinch or a bunting so 'finch' probably safest, but why drop Prewalski?

White-browed Fulvetta - Yunnan 10x10cm £30

White-crowned Forktail - Yunnan 12x7cm £30

Finally for now, a couple of hummingbirds from Ecuador.

Buff-tailed Coronet - Ecuador 6x10cm £20

Collared Inca - Ecuador 6X8cm £20

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