Friday 9 May 2014

The Yorkshire Connection...

...and the things I let myself get talked into

I really should have said no straight away - actually I think I did - but somehow I ended up agreeing to produce some drawings for the Yorkshire Bird Report. Although I was born in Yorkshire and more or less grew up there, by the time I took up birding seriously I was long gone; 'blowing down the back roads heading south' to quote Bob Dylan. In fact I think the last time I raised bins in the county was in 1985. An explanation is perhaps in order: Craig Thomas edits the Yorkshire Bird Report, he's also a colleague of my wife Carolyn at Natural England, Craig complained to her (no idea why) of a shortfall of artwork for the next YBR, Carolyn mentioned that I drew birds and would be 'happy to help', Craig said he'd heard of me but never made the connection with her (yeah right, maybe Worfolk is a common surname round his way), Carolyn asked me and I said (after some arm-twisting) OK if he's happy with some seabirds and definitely no ducks.

My complimentary copy arrived yesterday and it's a really impressive piece of work, 240 plus pages, beautifully designed and illustrated. And no, I'm not talking about my modest contribution, there are several (almost) double page spreads of Darren Woodhead's watercolours which are just stunning - in fact I'm getting real a case of talent-envy. I eventually sent them five pieces but only two were used, the Kittiwake and the Cory's Shearwater - maybe something about the head-on view appealed. Here are all five.


Cory's Shearwater


Mediterranean Gull
European Storm-petrel
I'm a little embarrassed to say that at around this time I promised Mike Langman some pictures for the next Devon Bird Report - sorry Mike, I'll get on it.

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