Monday, 2 June 2014

More Ross's Gull

2nd June 2014 - Topsham

Still can't get enough of this bird, I've dropped in at least once a day since last Wednesday in the hope of more and closer views. It's very loyal to the site, arriving at high tide with the regular flock of Black-heads plus the somewhat less reliable Little Gull.

It's not showing a typical 1st summer plumage - according to the books - and shows no obvious signs of moult. There's still a few dark juvenile feathers on the crown and has no apparent dark necklace. The flight feathers - especially the outer primaries - are extremely worn and surely it should start to replace them soon.

There's been plenty of photos about over the last few days, here's a few sketches.

Ross's Gull - Topsham 29th May 2014
Ross's Gull - Topsham 30th May 2014

Ross's Gull - Topsham 31st May 2014

Ross's Gull - Topsham 2nd June 2014


  1. Wow Tim - stunning sketches - you've captured it perfectly. Please keep posting your field sketches. All the best,

  2. Thanks Matt, though at the risk of blowing my cover I have to admit these aren't proper 'field sketches' - all done at my desk while looking through hundreds of my photos.