Monday 15 September 2014

A week in Sardinia - the birds

Just got back from a week in Sardinia. A really nice holiday with Carolyn, Jack and Sally (both rather too old to be still going away with their parents but unable to resist a free trip). As a birding trip - which it was never really meant to be - it was disappointing. Maybe it was the time of year but birding was a real struggle, very few birds in evidence and most even more unapproachable than in Britain.

Here's some rather poor photos.

Eleonora's Falcon - Sardina.
My one piece of real luck, not expecting to see this given our location at the 'wrong' end of the island, I jammed onto this on my first morning out. Just a shame about the quality of the photo.

Bee-eater - Sardinia.
Plenty of these and some big flocks, but always in poor light.

Griffon Vulture - Sardinia
Driving through the mountains I noticed a couple of these soaring close to the road, by the time I'd pulled over they were heading away from me.

Scopoli's Shearwater - Sardinia
Another departing shot from a short boat trip, identified solely on basis of location.

Hooded Crow - Sardinia
Zitting Cisticola/Fan-tailed Warbler - Sardinia
I'm actually quite pleased with this shot, given the light and distance.

Little Stint - Sardina
Flamingo - Sardinia
At least these were easy enough to photograph.

Stone Curlew - Sardinia
Which is more than can be said for these - a real record shot.

Spanish Sparrow - Sardinia
Common but surprisingly hard to photograph.

Sardinian Warbler - Sardinia
A Sardinian Warbler in Sardinia of course. Pretty much ubiquitous - every bush seemed to have them but again frustratingly hard to photograph.

Gulls and then other wildlife to follow.

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