Wednesday 11 November 2015

A New Beetle

11th November 2015 - Topsham

I found this outside the front door last night. Coming home from the pub, I noticed it on the wall by the front light. I didn't immediately recognise it so popped back out with a specimen tube and saved it for this morning. As I was photographing it I assumed it was a Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) but when I tried to ID it using various keys it just wouldn't fit. On a hunch, and noticing the obviously enlarged back legs, I wondered if it might be an Oedemera or something related - Oedemera nobilis (Scopoli) is common around here (and just about everywhere) but is much smaller and bright metallic green, this chap looked like he might be a larger relative. After a bit of searching and checking photos I'm confident that this is Oedemera femoralis (Olivier), a male judging by the swollen hind femora.

Oedemera femoralis (Olivier) - 11/11/2015 Topsham

Oedemera femoralis (Olivier) - 11/11/2015 Topsham

Its distribution is said to be local in England and Wales and it's a new one for me but, as it's apparently nocturnal, this may not be surprising.

Identification checked using the excellent Watford Coleoptera Group website - highly recommended for British beetle info. Distribution data from Beetles and Beetle Recording in Great Britain - also well worth a look.

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