Tuesday 23 February 2016

Latvian Black-headed Gull

23rd February 2016 - Exeter Quay

As I keep saying (to anyone who'll listen), the great thing about gulls is that there's always some around. And even if what's on offer is just common stuff like Black-headed and Herring Gulls, there's still a chance of finding ringed birds. It does help if the ring is bright plastic with big numbers or letter but even small metal rings can sometimes be read if you can get close enough. Places like Exeter Quay, where gulls expect to be fed, is perfect.

Black-headed Gull - 23/2/2016 Exeter Quay
It took a few minutes of stalking from different angles to get the full code - LATVIA - RIGA - S 349. Details sent, awaiting reply.

Now if only it had been a small dark Lesser Black-backed...


  1. Hi Tim - pretty sure this is the bird that has been wintering on the Quay since Feb 2009, ringed as a juv in Latvia in 2008. I saw it in Feb 2013 and stuck a photo of it on Devon Birds website. Jeremy Barker got back to me with details but I can't remember if I submitted it to the BTO or not. Got a feeling I didn't. Gulling has been awful this winter in Exmouth tho 22 Leebs last night possibly a sign of things improving? Cheers. Matt

  2. Hi Matt,so it is, though I can't see any record of it in recent DBR. You've done better in Exmouth than I have in Topsham, at least you've had a Glauc. Still, there's always the next one...whenever or whatever, cheers, T.