Monday 16 January 2017


15th January 2017 - Topsham

Just got back from an arduous couple of hours at Topsham Rec checking the gulls for colour rings when the phone rings: herself is walking back into Topsham and has found a small flock of Waxwings (I specifically asked her to look out for them). After a call to Martin Elcoate and a quick look to see that Dave Stone's car (and presumably also he) is not home and I'm off on my bike. Five minutes later (wife's directions, like her map reading, not so good) and I've got the Waxwings; feeding on the remnants of the hawthorn crop between Clyst Bridge and Darts Farm. In bad light I managed a few useable (I use the term in its loosest sense) photos. I counted nine, which matches the number seen in Alphington Sainsburys earlier that day. I looked for the Topsham birds the following day/this morning and they'd gone. It appears the Sainsburys 9 are still on the run.

Waxwing - 15/1/2017 Topsham

Waxwings - 15/1/2017 Topsham

Waxwings - 15/1/2017 Topsham

Waxwings - 15/1/2017 Topsham

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