Wednesday 27 March 2013

My Other Interest

I've just received a complimentary copy of Britain's Hoverflies by Stuart Ball and Roger Morris. It's always nice to get a free book (OK, I admit I can imagine exceptions). This was a book I was delighted with. I haven't had time to look through in detail but, from first impressions, it looks splendid. The photos are very good, many are superb. I particularly like the close up shots of key identification characters, most are much easier to see in a photo than even a good drawing. For years I've used British Hoverflies (Stubbs and Falk 2002) to identify my Syrphids, I'll be interested to see how the two compare - if summer ever gets here.

So why did I get a free copy? The book includes one of my photos, just one, on page 10.

I offered them better shots of this species (below) but they were happy with this. I know it shows the haltere well enough, but so do others. Still, seems a very good deal to me, thanks Roger and Stuart. I might just get my macro gear out again this spring.

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