Thursday 18 April 2013


18th April 2013 - Topsham


We've got Jackdaws nesting in our chimney pots. Actually it seems they're mostly just dropping sticks down the chimney but I guess they know what they're doing. And they are lovely birds, fun to sketch in watercolour, no need to worry about colour - Payne's Grey and a touch of Cobalt Blue. I like the way the pale eye looks in the black face, the top of the iris in shadow but there's still a highlight on the surface of the cornea.


  1. Wow. These are amazing! You've captured that gleam in their eyes very well. Simply love jackdaws. I used to have one as a 'pet'. During the day he was outside hanging around with his clan. He would come to our house at dinner time, knocking on the window. He enjoyed eating with us inside and playing games (usually stealing stuff and hiding it on top of the cupboard..). He slept on the headboard of my bed and in the morning he would return to his wild comrades. I was always amazed by his intelligence and curiosity.

  2. Beautiful shadows and detail on the feathers!

  3. I like their smartass gaze