Friday 5 April 2013

Winter (and winter birds) still here

3rd April 2013 - Topsham

Blue sky and bright sun but the Siberian wind still numbs fingers and ears. Early morning at Topsham Rec brought back fond memories of the warm days of December - seriously. The Long-tailed Duck was still on the river, a couple of Redpolls were still looking for seeds on last years reeds and a single Common Gull wondered where all its friends had gone.

I'm sorry to say I'm getting blasé about Waxwings these days - I go years without seeing one, now I see them while walking the dog. I heard the familiar liquid, trilling, whistling....whatever I write is not going to do it justice...and saw a flock of about 30 or 40 in roadside trees. I tied the dog to a fence, grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots before they flew. I was only 170m from my house, I measured it on the map - yes, I know - and all I could think was that  if I'd been in my garden, I might have heard them, then I'd have Waxwing on my garden list.

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