Friday 6 December 2013

Lost blog, new blog and changes to this blog

I'm sure many of you will have noted the demise of Gavin Haig's blog Not Quite Scilly. It's a shame, Gavin's a gifted writer and his posts were witty, intelligent, knowledgeable and always entertaining. His example was certainly an inspiration to me to restart my blogging career, as well as being a perfect example of how it should be done. On the vast and confusing mudflats of blogland NQS stood out like a pristine first winter Caspian Gull. I've left the link in place for the time being in the hope that he might return some day.

Meanwhile it's no small compensation to be able to add a great new blog to my list of favourites. Matt Knott, a highly respected local birder has entered the field with his splendid new birdingexmouth. Matt's found a lot of quality birds on his local patch and he's documented them with fine field sketches and some cracking photos. I really hope he keeps it going so please pop over for a look and encourage him to post more.

Finally, some new content to The Two Bird Theory. The more observant will have noticed - if I've done things correctly - a few new buttons at the top of the page. These link to three extra pages containing some of my art and illustrations. I've received some very nice comments about the drawings I've posted so far so I thought people might be interested to see some more, like this.

Himalayan Rubythroat

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